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All Who Wander ...

  I've been walking a lot these past few years ... wandering, actually. Since moving to Salem, Ed and I walk almost every day. We take routes that we've walked before, some of which we walked for the first time over 25 years ago when we first visited Salem together. Sometimes we wander streets that are new to us. We explore streets in our new neighborhood that aren't part of the tourist sections of town. We weave up and down streets in the morning with the newest members of our family -- Doc and Ziggy. We adopted these two pups three weeks ago from a local shelter. Both are in their sixth month and both are "pure breds." Doc is the miniature Dachshund and Ziggy is the Maltese. They were surrendered to the shelter by a woman who bought them at a pet store. She was working remotely at the time, but recently returned to the office. They were home by themselves for 7-8 hours a day. She did the right thing and gave them up ... and, of course, we scooped them up in an i

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