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Radio Silence in a Crazy World, or Thoughts on my 50th Year of Life

Current Dr. Z sighting! Gosh, January was a long time ago, wasn't it? One would think that I fell off the face of the Earth and stopped blogging all together! The truth is that I decided to step back from blogging for a bit for a number of reasons -- school, job weirdness, The Big Move into our forever home, renovations, etc. Let's just say it was a really busy five months. It was also a very introspective five months; after all, I am turning 50 this year. I have a LOT to think about.  50 feels different. 50 looks different. It hasn't escaped me that my father died when he was 69 and my mother died when she was 73. Granted, they were both terminally ill and their bodies just gave out. If I factor in my grandmothers' lifespans, the outlook is quite different. My maternal grandmother died when she was 85. My paternal grandmother was 93 or 94. With this in mind, I have anywhere between 19 and 43 years left. I'm not trying to be grim, but reality is reality. So the ques

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