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Is This Thing On?

  December 10: Closing Day *slinks in like a student who hasn't attended class all semester* So, what did I miss? Yes, I know. I haven't been around the blogosphere for four months; though, if you follow me on Instagram , you know A LOT has happened in those four months! You better grab yourself a cuppa and settle in. We have a lot of catching up to do. Lessee, the last time we "chatted" I was about ready to start classes at Simmons University for a Masters in Library and Information Science. If you recall, I was able to transfer over six credits from the Queens College MLIS program and Simmons waved the three required classes. They also gave me a pretty substantial scholarship! Hooray! My semester went really well even though I took nine credits (three classes), had to do a 60 hours archival internship ... and got a part-time gig at a local museum. I was NOT prepared for how much work everything was going to be! Not only was I swamped with school and the commute into

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