Tuesday, July 13, 2021

And So It Begins

Every July, right after Independence Day, it begins. First Michael's, At Home Stores, Jo-Ann's, and Home Goods put out their "scouts," and then Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, and the others follow. By the beginning of September, Michael's will have everything on sale and Target will just start putting everything out. Every year it's the same schedule. Every year the excitement starts to build on-line in June. Once my birthday is over, I start counting the days. 

Christmas in July? NOOOOOOO!!!! Our yearly Halloween Hunt, you silly Ghoul! This year is going to be a little different for us. Not only will we be shopping in the big retail stores, we'll also be shopping in the small, Mom-and-Pop shops here in Salem. Witch City Wicks has been posting teasers on social media about their Halloween collection release dates and Modern Millie is already stocking Halloween and Fall themed dresses and accessories. And let's not forget the wonderful Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie. They announced on social media that they are celebrating "Halloween in July" since so many people missed it last year because of COVID. 

Goodies from Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie, Salem MA
The good folks at Ye Old Pepper decorated the entire Salem shop for Halloween and started selling a limited release of Halloween candy, including their delicious candy corn. The Halloween release is in store only for the time being. A recent post stated that they will be launching the Halloween page on their website in August and will be populating it with deliciousness in September. Yes, you can order their candy!

Ed and I were already out-and-about in Downtown Salem when I saw the post on Instagram. Halloween candy in July! How could we resist?!? I didn't take photos inside the shop, but I can tell you that they certainly went all out decorating. It's wonderful!

Palmful of Heaven: the best candy corn ever.
For those Summer people mumbling, "but Summer just began! Don't rush it ..." don't worry, they still have their Summer-themed candies. You'll just have to deal with buying them surrounded by Halloween decorations. Ahem. If you are mumbling that, you must be new here. Hi! Um, you might want to avoid the posts with the tags "Halloween Hunt" until you're ready for the season. It's kind of a thing with me and Ed. 

Spotted at Michael's on July 4, 2021
Yes, I am thrilled and excited to be living in Salem during this glorious time of year. It isn't be my first season here, but it sure is going to be wonderful, especially since COVID canceled so many events last year. *crosses fingers* Let's just hope this year is safe enough for events to take place.

Michael's, July 4, 2021
Besides local shops, the big retail stores are starting to put Fall and Halloween merchandise on their shelves. Michael's is clearing away huge portions of the store to make room for their Halloween, Fall, and Back-to-School merchandise. As of July 4th, they started to put out the seasonal "picks" and decorative pumpkins. 

Michael's, July 4, 2021
We stopped by Michael's this past Sunday and there wasn't much else out. I'll keep you posted here and on Instagram. Target, of course, is in Back-to-School mode. That's exciting for a whole different reason -- notebooks!!! However, their Halloween website is up and running! It looks like they just started to populate it with their own merchandise, though you can order from their "partners." 

I've seen a number of posts on Facebook and Instagram showing Halloween goodies at Bath and Body Works and At Home Stores. Can anyone confirm? Someone posted that Bath and Body had their in-store Halloween preview this weekend. We haven't been to our local store yet, but I'll report back soon.

Are you going to participate in the yearly Halloween Hunt? Are the stores near you putting anything out? Are you shopping online this year?


  1. I enjoy looking at Halloween merchandise but I'm not a big shopper, so I rarely buy any. It's pleasure enough just to look at it!

    1. I understand that. We aren't really doing much shopping this year, though we do need to get some household goods like shower curtains, kitchen towels, and fall/Halloween candles and soaps. And candy. LOTS of candy. hehehehe ...

  2. I am always jealous of the range and earliness of Halloween supplies in America! Enjoy it to the fullest! Make Halloween last as long as possible!

  3. We've been hitting the stores during the week around 5:00-7:00 when people are still at work, commuting home from work, or eating dinner. It's been really empty and slow during those times -- even at Trader Joe's!

  4. Much like Laura (above), my eyes widen to the size of cauldrons and my heart skips more beats than when one watches the shower scene in Psycho whenever I see the incredible Halloween offerings that are available in the US.

    We're fortunate to have some here in Canada, too, but they're usually a tiny drop in the bucket (err, Halloween candy pail) compared to what our lovely neighbours south of the 49th are wonderfully lucky to have. (And we rarely see many All Hallows' Eve offerings around these parts prior to about mid to late August. In the case of some stores, they don't start until September.)

    Please enjoy all of the fab October 31st offerings that you see and purchase all the more for me/all of your international readers, dearest Fanny.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I have to admit, we're being very selective this year. I won't be buying as much as I have in the past. I don't have the room for more stuff. We're focusing on quality, not quantity, this year. However, I'll be sure to take pictures in all of the stores. :)